Tuesday, October 11, 2005


Link from Fark.com about Canadian math teacher who was also an escort

So, here is what I was thinking when I read this, "Sounds like a good deal. Why not just give up teaching or just volunteer and be an escort full-time? Maybe I could do that."

I know that is wrong and I should not want to be a prostitute (even if you fancy it up with the word escort), but there is something about it that appeals to me. Obviously, this is part of the sex/love duality that is going on inside me. Prostitution is sex for money without any expectations of love. People who pay for sex may expect to feel like the prostitute loves them, but that is not always, or even usually the case. And I would think that prostitutes would actively try not to fall in love or even care about their clients. In my idealization of prostitution, I would get paid to go out with and maybe have sex with men and/or women who wanted no-strings-attached companionship and sex and were happy to pay an exceptional woman (me) for this. I could be choosy and would communicate via e-mail with them before our date and keep a record of who I was with and where so if anything happened to me. (I saw it on an MSNBC show about prostitution.) I could enjoy the company of different people, have sex with different lovers, and have money to do what I wanted to with the rest of my time. It doesn't sound so bad. So what is wrong with it?

A large part of me says "Nothing is wrong with it." And I feel like that is a problem. I should feel an instant aversion to this kind of loveless sex, this kind of business arrangement sex. It degrades women by putting a price on their affection and sex. It degrades the clients, who are only of value because of their money and who are not working to have a fulfilling relationship that they don't have to pay for. It shows that the clients don't value the prostitute, because if they really valued him/her they would want a real relationship and not just NSA sex/companionship. It shows that the prostitute doesn't value themselves because if they did, they would hold out for a real loving relationship instead of using their body to get cash.

Despite all of this, it has an appeal to me. I'd never do it because I don't have the guts to, not because I'm morally against it, which I feel I should be.

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