Tuesday, May 29, 2007

I don't think I'm too picky or hard to please. I just want to date someone who is slightly interesting and interested in me. I have lots of interests and life stories that I can talk about and I'm sure everyone else does too. But I can't carry the conversation myself! I need some help here girls!

I guess I'm just frustrated. I know there are probably dozens of gay/bi women my age here in the metro area who are looking for a nice woman who will treat them with respect and try to get to know them on a first date and see if they have chemistry together. This is all I really want myself, though I can't seem to find it anywhere. Maybe I expect too much conversation, linguistic back & forth, on a first date but I think that is what a first date is for. I've also recently decried the lack of chemistry I've had with the women (and men) I've met recently but a lack of chemistry is not something I or my date can fix. It is just there or it isn't. Neither of us can really do anything to help chemistry. But we can do something about conversation! Please, I'm really trying on my level. I know that I'm never going to have everything, or most things, in common with my dates, but I'll try to keep a conversation going. I know that most of my interests will probably not interest you on the surface, so I try to tell you why I like things, what is interesting on a fundamental level, tell you a funny story about it, or do something to make it not totally boring for you. I would think that most people would do the same. For example: If you like sports, I'd love to hear a funny story or stat, or why you like a certain sport over another. If you like reality TV, tell me why, what interests you about it, its strengths or flaws, why you watch Real World and not American Idol. I can appreciate you sharing why you like something I don't like. When I ask you about something, I'd like more than just a few word answer. For example, if I ask you about your family, don't just say, "They're cool." That tells me nothing!!!

Ok, look, here it is ladies. I'd love to have a long-term relationship but, first, I'd like to find women I can have at least a second date with. I expect I'll have to get to know quite a few women before I find that LTR and that's ok, but you have to give me something to work with. I'll try to do the same.

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