Friday, September 26, 2008

Flash in the pan or a candle flame?

I always wanted "that kind of love"- wild, crazy, passionate, burns brighter than the sun. Also, I wanted to be "the girl in the song"- the girl that guys went crazy over, the one who they knew was bad for them but tht they still kept going back to. I have that and I've become that. But I'm not any happier. In fact, I'm probably more unhappy.

Is it possible to have that kind of passion in a sustained stable sane relationship? Or are the only lasting relationships more like a low, long-burning candle flame, more light than heat?

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MP said...

I really wish I knew the answer to your question. As heartless as you know I am at times, its what I want too. The kind of passion that I know I've had and lost a dozen times before. It does seem that the only relationships I am able to "hang on to" are the once that burn so much less brightly than the 3 that really stand out in memory as being the most passionate.