Thursday, July 26, 2012

Can't you just pretend?

Most of the time, I can accept and deal with the fact that I don't believe what most other people believe and that I'm interested in things that most of my other friends aren't. And I don't want to live unchallenged. But sometimes, especially when I'm really excited about something, I really wish that I could get someone else to at least pretend to be excited about it. Or at the very least not be determined to pick apart every godsdamn thing. Can't you people let me enjoy anything without telling me how wrong I am?

I know it's contrary to most of the other thinks I say, but... I'm just so frustrated with everyone shooting down everything I get excited about lately. It just makes me not want to share anything. Maybe I should choose friends who aren't competitive at all, but I end up feeling like all that really matters is that they are right, not that I want share something I think is really cool or fun or interesting. I'm used to disinterest, which is what I usually get, but lately all I've gotten is everyone trying to tear it down.

I'd like to say that I think I'm just going to not talk for awhile, but we all know that isn't true.


TyRoy said...

Wouldn’t everyone else just contend that it is you who should pretend? [hey that rhymes]

I know how much you respect and honor the truth. Is the happy lie better?

AvaAlso said...

Maybe it's contrarian or even hypocritical, but maybe every once in a while. In the end, this week it's felt like everyone just wants to keep arguing about things until they've torn whatever I was happy about to shreds. And then I do pretend. I pretend like I'm not upset. I pretend that I'm fine. I pretend that we can just move on to something else like that didn't just happen. I guess most of the time it's just one person at a time that who makes something a pissing contest when all I want is to be heard and validated, but it's been 4 people in the last week and half and I'm really tired and frustrated.