Sunday, February 23, 2014

Free Man

Watching 12 Years a Slave with you was hard. I suspected it would be. As I held your hand in both of mine, the first time that Solomon is beaten and whipped, I was filled with relief that this wasn't a reality for you. I know there are other realities but this specific thing would not happen to you as it had to people who looked like you, relations generations back. I remember talking to you about how so many black Americans had Irish last names, that freed slaves who wanted to throw off the last names of those who enslaved them often took the last names of the soldiers who freed them, many of whom were Union soldiers of Irish orgin. I realized how much I took for granted your strength, strong will and pride. How much I still don't understand about how you came to be you even after all these years of knowing you, several of which I spent sharing your bed.

After we parted ways, as you drove to your empty bed and the posting in the small town which give you too much time to ruminate alone, I was struck by how much I missed you. Missed that rock you always were. Missed the easy way we had when hanging out. Missed that big bed of yours and what we did in it. How much I wish i could help you through your loneliness like I did when we first met, when I felt like I was there more because you needed someone there than that you needed me there, but I was so glad to be of some use to someone that I didn't care.

One of the great things about my current situation is that I don't have to feel bad telling you, or anyone else, that I still love you. Belonging to him,  or to them even, doesn't change that,  nor does it need to. And i just wanted you to know.

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TyRoy Washington said...

Thanks for the kind words. I do appreciate them. Nice to be appreciated for such things. Thanks for being my friend and I do not want that to change.

Thanks for going to the movie marathon with me. It is always good to spend time with someone who is intelligent. It is why I appreciate your company. It is fun talking with you about any and every thing.

I was worried you would get embarrassed by my “uniquely” timed laughing. I ascribe to Dave Chappelle theory at the end of this clip: . “Would do it every episode if I could”. So when Michael Fassbender slipped in that pig trough; I am more than happy to laugh out loud.