Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Decision Making Strategies

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When I saw this diagram on one of the feminist blogs that I visit regularly, I thought it would be a perfect way as a writer to make decisions, if you are only thinking about obtaining more experiences to draw from for your writing.

But it can sometimes get you into trouble. Or at least slightly weird situations.

Like getting stood-up on a Friday night by a guy you met on the internet who claimed to have been forced into being bi after being raped by a guy on an overnight train, in a story strangely reminiscent of one featured in the advice column Savage Love several months ago.

Like being 25 and in a car parked in the local high school's parking lot, surrounded by four cop cars, after you've decided to meet some guy off the internet to JUST make-out.

Maybe I should rethink using this diagram.......

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