Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Birthday Celebrations

How I've Celebrated So Far:
Last Saturday-
*Went shopping with my Mom for clothes. (Alot of the Tshirts I've been wearing are BT's and I'm giving them back as part of the divorce so I thought I could use a couple more. And I bought my shorts last summer when I was 30-40 lbs lighter than I am right now so I needed some shorts that didn't cut off my circulation)
*Went out to Joe's Crab Shack for late lunch with Mom. (She thought I might like to go out to a fancier place but I'm pretty happy with any place that isn't fast food or Applebee's, as that's all that is in the smaller military town TyRoy lives in, where I've been staying with him.)
*Watched "Mr. Brooks" at my folks' house while I did laundry (I really can't wait to get a washer and dryer here!)

After midnight- *Sex

So far today-
*Therapy (Really like my therapist)
*Mailed off my divorce papers :(
*Spent time with my folks' dogs (letting the puppy, who just got spayed and was in a cage 24 hours at the vet's, out to play a little)
*Ate lunch with my mom

Currently- *Watching "Firefly" on DVD, copying DVDs for myself, BT, & TyRoy, playing around on the internets

Planned for later today-
*TyRoy is taking me to Dave & Buster's for food, video games, and more drinking
*TyRoy is taking me to see "The Strangers"

Planned for much later-
*Tim McGraw concert with Mom, my uncle's boyfriend, and Cassie
*Traveling to where my uncle is staying for his radiation treatment to celebrate my birthday and my uncle's boyfriend's birthday (which is later this month)

I'm celebrating all month long!

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