Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Someone to sing to me

If a person wanted to be real crafty, they could easily seduce me with what i write here if they wanted to. I'm always amazed how little my writing get used against me.

I love the relationship between the Underwoods on House of Cards. The end of the second season episode where he brings out "the real thing" at her behest, a cigarette he's squirreled away, hidden under a lamp, and she asks him to sing to her. Gods, to have someone sing to me. Not a big production number. Not very loudly. Just softly, inder their breath as we lay there. Mockingbird sings in the middle of the night, all his songs are stolen so he hides....He sings them for you special. He knows you're afraid of the dark. Come on, sorrow, take your own advice, hide under the bed, turn out the light. Stars this night in the sky are ringing out. You can almost hear them saying, Close your eyes now kid... (-neko case)

I've always been happy just to have someone who'd sing with me. But it would be nice to have someone who'd sing to me.

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TyRoy Washington said...

We could whistle while we work on Saturday, ha-ha.