Thursday, March 09, 2006


Who are you? What are your intentions? Are you the liberator or the oppressor?

The oppressor- the man who does what I've always feared a man would do. The one who sweet talks me, seems sincere and adventurous in his desire for me. The one who leaves as soon as we've had sex, as soon as he's gotten what he wanted and planned to get all along. Sure, he might come back, time and time again, but only for more sex. The cuddling and romance once promised never materialize and he moves on once he finds a better lay or finds real romance,

The liberator- the man who does what I've always desired a man to do. The one who helps me explore all my sexual desires, who is experienced enough not to be a clumsy oaf while doing it. The one who respects my fantasies, even the dirtiest and kinkiest of them, and never makes me feel bad or ashamed of them. The one who liberates me from my slightly more conservative sexual values. The one who respects me but doesn't let that get in the way of the exploration. the one I don't have to fall in love with to have great sex with. The one I can learn from on my way to the lifetime partnership with someone who is less dangerous and mysterious, more stable and secure, who I can approach already having the knowledge of what fantasies are best left that way and what desires to bring into every bed.

As I monitor my desires to decide how to proceed, I must also monitor your intentions. So, who are you?

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