Tuesday, March 21, 2006

What Comes After Gray???

Ok, so what comes after gray? I think I might be there now. I'm not ready to say I'm ok. I'm just ready to try and I have a small idea of a plan. Though I already talked it over with my bestfriend and loyal guide, Sir, I want to get my small idea of a plan down.

Start the DBT therapy and stick with it for the full year.
Get a small, inconsequential, part-time job.
Keep my bills and spending low and under-control. Bills: student loans, car insurance, Netflix. Spending: Just a little on visiting family, hanging out with friends. Save: for rainy day, for school, for moving out.
Buy a cheaper but decent desktop computer so that I can, with little or no extra money spent- chat online, download and burn music, make copies of DVDs that I like. This will cut down on buying music and movies right now when I am broke and/or saving for other stuff.
Don't do too much -> Crashing and burning.
Don't worry about when I go back to school, just don't do anything that will prevent me from going back-like taking a big full-time job or having a child.
Catch-up on movies and books, as I feel like it.

So, I don't think I'm in the gray right now. I guess I just AM.

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