Friday, March 17, 2006

Two Stages of Depression

First stage--Black
This is where you are totally and completely submerged in the bleak darkness of the depression. Besides possibly talking to your closest friend about how depressed you are, you don't want to do anything. You feel like a complete failure who the world would be better off without. You don't get out of bed. You don't eat(nor do you really want to). The only thing I consistantly feel like doing is masturbating but I'm usually too down to actually do it. The least little thing will send you over the edge and into deciding to kill yourself right now. Or maybe tomorrow when you don't feel as tired.

Second stage--Gray
This is where you are not quite ready to move on and help yourself, but the depression isn't so bleak and all consuming. This is when your sleep cycle gets really messed up. Instead of sleeping all the time,as you did in the first stage, you have a very hard time getting to sleep. You stay up until all hours of the night, not watching anything or catching up on movies, but just flipping channels. You also do this for most of the day. When you have a computer that you can use while you are watching TV, you also aimless wander the internet and keep your instand messenger on, hoping that someone you know will talk to you. Since you are up late, unable to sleep, you also sleep late, tossing and turning. Also, even if you wake up early in the afternoon, you don't want to get out of bed either, so you lay there.

Guess which stage I'm in right now?

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