Thursday, June 01, 2006

Absolutely Ridiculous Video Game!!!!

There has been a lot of talk about this video game in the liberal blogs but I just had to share this with other people I know. There is a video game being made out of the Left Behind book series, which is about the trials of a group of Chistians who's faith is restored after the real faithful are taken to heaven before the apocalypse. In this video game, gamers play as a band of these reborn Christians in New York who travel the city violently and bloodily killing 'infidels'. (Not sure exactly who this is. In the books, there is a single world religion that is established through the UN which then elects the Anti-Christ as its leader, so I'm guessing the infidels are Anti-Christ followers and are not supposed to be members of real non-Christian religions.Yes, I did read some of the books out of curiousity. While full of movie-style action, they are written on the level of a 3rd grader.) Also, the bodies do not disappear or get proper burials. They just sit around rotting up the place. On the plus side, however, gamers can switch to the infidel side.

In addition to this, the game is being developed by a company associated with the mega-church pastor Rick Warren, who also wrote The Purpose Driven Life, thus giving it some credibility by association. Also, when asked about the extreme levels of violence in the game, the makers said something about how the only R-rated movie in the 20 highest grossing movies ever was the Passion of the Christ. While I don't disagree that the video game might be profitable, I have my questions about how Christians can support extremely violent movies and video games. Especially when some of these same people make such a fuss about other violent movies, TV, and video games.

PS I love GTA 3 and San Andreas.

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