Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Damn, It's Nice to Have a Social Life!

I'm not the more extroverted person in the world. When I lived here back in 2001-2002, I tried to start friendships with people I went to community college with, but nothing really stuck. But I had one good friend from high school and my (long-distance) significant other, so I was fine. Then, when I lived in St Louis, I had "school friends" and I participated in LGBT functions, but the only friend I really had was my significant other. Then, when I moved back here, my significant other became only my bestfriend, but still pretty much my only friend, though I did cycle through a few friends, though they never stuck around my life long and I didn't integrate well into their group of friends, if at all.

But now it seems like I might actually be making friends through a friend of a friend that I've been dating. All of her friends seem to be really cool, accepting, and non-dramatic, so far at least. And I really like that. They are mostly gays (or undecideds), in their late-teens or twenties, and a bunch of fun. They don't seem overly preoccupied with getting drunk or high. While the woman I'm dating is a social butterfly, she and all her friends seem to accept that I am not and they are ok with that. So I'm happy to have a group of people that I can hang out with when I want some company.

PS We are "dating", though we are taking it very slow for the time being.

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