Saturday, July 22, 2006

Releasing my Inner Dork

For a good part of my life, I have tried to temper my inner dork or inner geek with cool-outsider-ness, mostly in the form of kinky sex knowledge, freaky hair, piercings, and tattooes. I tried very hard to temper my geeky desire for all the insider knowledge about the mainstream subjects that I was interested in, especially with the fact that I was trying to be most interested in MAINSTREAM things. But lately, more and more, I'm embrassing my inner geek. I've started reading comic books. I've started reading more fantasy books. And I've started watching Battlestar Galactica. Granted, it's not the 70s version, but this SciFi Channel original series that reworks the campy 70s science fiction tv show is still largely considered a cult phenomenon. Probably for the sole reason that it is a science fiction show, based on a cheesy 1970s show with bad special effects, this amazing show does not get half the credit of other great basic cable shows, such as The Shield, Rescue Me, or Nip/Tuck. I even stayed away from the show for two full seasons. But alot of the liberal blogs that I read mentioned their love of SciFi Fridays, especially Battlestar Gallactica. It also seemed to have an intricate, political, sociological, religious, mysterious quality to the plots and actions, so I gave it a try by getting the SciFi miniseries that started the show from Netflix and IT IS AWESOME!!!!! After the Cyclons (AI that the humans thought they had defeated and banished) evolve and launch a surprise attack on all of human civilization, the remaining humans go in search of someplace to live and the Commander says they are going to go to the mythical 13th Colony Earth, which actually does exist and he knows where it is. Except that he later tells the recently sworn in as president Minister of Education that it really doesn't exist. And the Cyclons look just like humans! Dark, gritty, and full of wheeling and dealing, it is a great show. So, I'm just going to let my inner geek come out and decide for me, because it is paying off so far.

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