Monday, September 24, 2007

The Keeper

And there is one more man in my life, though it hasn't become sex in a box...yet. (I'm keeping my fingers crossed.) A few weeks ago, I answered a CL ad for a man looking for woman interested in being a "kept woman". He's a successful and attractive business man looking for a woman to help financially in return for great conversation and, eventually, great sex when he has time in his busy schedule. In all actuality, I thought I never had a chance. But he responded quickly and we've been exchanging e-mails, about one or two a day, ever since. We mostly talk about everyday things, the basic get-to-know you stuff, with just the right amount of flirting. I'm very excited to meet him. In fact, we were supposed to meet for drinks last Friday, but, once he heard about my surgery, the gentleman that he is, he insisted that we put our meeting off until this Wednesday, when I would be feeling better. And, as he seems to really like a more alternative/goth look, I have been planning my outfit for this date all weekend. Last night, I invited him to read my blog, informing him of how everyone gets a psuedonym, and promising that I would blog about him. So, here is his blog post. Last night, I was trying to come up with a psuedonym for him, something that would be complimentary to "kept woman". He liked Keeper, so it's stuck. I'm sure I'll be writing more about him in the future.

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Keeper said...

20 Things about the KEEPER, 10 are true, 10 are false. Any guess which are right:
(1) Keeper has lived all over the world (2) Keeper has been poor (3) Keeper scored a 32 on his ACT (4) Keeper would vote for Matt Blunt (5) Keeper went to the Ivy League (6) Keeper is a heck of a baseball player (7) Keeper is a heck of a basketball player (8) Keeper played minor league hockey (9) Keeper has a foot fetish (10) Keeper is Jewish (11) Keeper keeps a vacation home on the East Coast (12) Keeper loves blowjobs (13) Keeper lived in Alaska (14) Keeper lived in Texas (15) Keeper lived in Boston (16) Keeper just found out spanking might be for him (17) Keeper runs all the time (18) Keeper is a part time college professor (19) Keeper is Catholic (20) Keeper still loves blowjobs!