Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Meeting The Keeper

It's really interesting to meet someone that you've never seen a picture of in person. I know that people used to do this all the time and that is why it's called a "blind date", but, for my generation, who has, if not completely grown up with the internet, has at least had the internet and digital photography for most of their dating career, truely blind dates are almost unheard of. Even this wasn't a blind date... for him, as I'd sent him two pictures when I first answered his CL ad. He wasn't exactly what I imagined, but that isn't necessarily a bad thing.

I did really enjoy myself. He wasn't lying when he said he was a pretty good conversationalist, though I felt like I dominated a great deal of the conversation. But what else could I do? He kept asking me questions about myself before I could get out questions about him. Though I was pleasantly surprised by how truly interested in me he seemed. It was also the first date, or even the first meeting with someone, where they haven't tried to sleep with me. Then again, I hadn't expected him to from the conversations that we've had. While he seems plenty interested in sex, in this particular situation, he seems more interested in developing a relationship, which will eventually include sex. In some ways, I wasn't even sure he was that physically interested in me. Granted, he was gentlemanly enough to compliment me on my outfit and open doors for me, but there was none of the usual "accidental" touching or "incidental" touching that people usually do to test out the waters, though he sat fairly close to me at the restaurant where we ate dinner. And I figured it was a pretty good sign that he had only signed up for drinks and appetizers, but ended up initiating dinner.

But then he walked me to my car, telling me on the way about how he thought I should go to First Fridays and meet some of his lesbian stripper friends. And he kissed me. The final test of chemistry for me. It was good. Hopefully, a sign of good things to come.

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