Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Some Kind of Madness, Vol 2

I wanted to include this clip in the original post, but the show had just come on and nothing was up online yet. But all the emo-ness that I felt after watching this pushed me to get some of it out with the previous post.

So, on this new show Nashville, fading country superstar Rayna (Connie Britton), think Reba, is fighting against the tidal wave of the next big pop-ified country hotshot Julliette (Hayden Panettiere.) Julliette wants to steal Rayna's guitar player and songwriting partner, Deacon, who was also her boyfriend for over a decade. Though Rayna's been married for a decade or so, she's still very close to her ex. At the end of the last episode, in an attempt to get back to her roots, Rayna sang with Deacon during one of his acoustic bar sets. 

Here is the song that they sang. It's very pretty. I recommend listening to it. 

The Lyrics: (Her:) Don't you try to tell me someone's waiting. They're not waiting for you. And don't you try to tell me that you're wanted, that you're needed, 'cause it's not true. I know why you're lonely. It's time you knew it too. No one will ever love you, like I do. (Him:) Why are you always looking for the limelight? Ain't you satisified with me? For once why don't you get down off your high heels. You're no big deal. Can't you see? (Both:) I know why you're lonely. It's time you knew it too. No one will ever love you, like I do. (Her:) I'm all you got. (Him:) I'm all you'll ever need. (Both:) I'm all you'll ever have. No one will ever love you, like I do.

Then here is the shortened clip of them singing together:

Yeah, so that's how I feel. It's nice to share. Or, ok, maybe it isn't.


TyRoy Washington said...

First off Reba will never fade. I may not like country music. But I do like Reba McEntire. She is a good actress mostly. And if I liked country, I would like her. I would probably be cool with Tim McGraw too because his dad was a Phillie and I think I would could watch a game and drink a beer.

Second, this is why you don’t listen to country music. There is a bad joke out there:
What do you get when you play country music backwards?
You get back your wife, your dog, your truck...

But this blog post proves, when you listen to country, you lose. Even country music TV shows. [Too subtle?]

AvaAlso said...

I like Reba as much as the next person, but her records have not been selling as well as they used. I actually used Reba as an example most people have heard of, about the same age, same kind of country superstar-dom.

And i like country because it provokes emotions. If I listened to my favorite songs (country and other) in a constant loop in my head, i'd be crying 75% of the time. (And shaking my ass the rest of the time.)