Monday, November 30, 2015

So why am i still so depressed?

I'm right again with her. Or as right as we're gonna be. It feels good though. It's a work in progress in a good way. And i want to support her in all the new and exciting things she's doing.
I'm still right with him. More in love and devoted than ever. Excited about things we can do.
I'll get right with her other him soon-ish. Once i can trust myself not to fuck it up.
And we got news today that is awesome. I'm so excited.
Why did i still go to bed and cry? Why am i still plagued by all the dark thoughts. Why do i still feel like they'd be better without me? Why do i still feel like i won't do anything right? I'm so happy and things are so right. But as soon as there's nothing filling me up, I'm so depressed again.

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