Thursday, October 06, 2005

Last nights thought just before bed

Why I don't let myself cum?
  • Gives ownership to the person who makes me cum
  • Allows me to always remain somewhat unattainable
  • Assumption that guys will give up once they attain this

Sex/Love Duality

  • Assumption-To give yourself wholly to only one person, especially giving your virginity especially to a man, is a gift that will never be respected and always be betrayed
  • Men will have multiple partners, why shouldn't women?
  • Only way to own your sexuality is to use it
  • One has to have experience to be good
  • You should try as much as you can before you settle down into a boring life
  • Sex as a way to control others, control men
  • Sex as all a guy wants from me, makes him stay

Not really specific or cohesive, just what was on my mind last night when I was trying to go to sleep.

Am I any closer, T?

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