Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Little Surprises

It's weird enjoying things you thought you outgrew. Like car rides with hip hop turned full blast with people I don't really know well. Today I went to lunch with three co-workers (two of them work opposite me and were hired at the same time as I was, the other lady is one of the first two's sister-in-law). We drove in the sister-in-law's new very large sedan with leather seats. As soon as we were out of the cave the radio came on and she blasted it. Before we left, I was actually dreading thirty minutes of blasting rap music, but I enjoyed being out of the cave, the fresh air, and the comraderie, just chilling in the plush car with music so loud it shook me. I haven't had an experience like that since I was a kid in Chicago, when we would all have to ride in someone's parent's car some place and we'd end up with the cool parent who let their kid play whatever music they wanted as loud as they wanted. It isn't "me" perse, but I really enjoyed the experience.

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