Monday, November 07, 2005

Ten hours a day and what do you get? Another day older and deeper in debt...

So, the new job is not the fount of new ideas that I thought it would be, though I am trying to write at least a little bit each day, not all of it even fit to print in this rather anonymous blog. We're working 10 hour days this week, or at least we are expected to, since we have an unpaid holiday Friday for Veteran's Day. This first day was not as bad as I had thought, but I'm pretty sure I wouldn't want a four ten-hour day a week job. But I understand more and more why working men and women don't really do anything profound outside of their jobs. I want to just come home and veg out!!! In addition to working, I'm trying to exercise everyday, even if it is just some weight lifting and sit-ups while I am watching TV, and eat less and better. T is pushing me for some profound thought, now that he has more time in his new place of residence which is much closer to his work. Maybe he should provide the profound thought for a while. Or he could provide a profound thought tonight that I could take with me to work tomorrow to help me generate my own profound thoughts. Take care.

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sir said...

I finally got my act together and added myself as an admin to your blog today. Sorry about not providing much profound thought lately. The most profound thought I've had since moving is "that would look good painted black." Once I get settled into my new life, I'll get back into the business of profound thought. I'll try and have something friday when you come out here.
Great job on the exercising! I know you didn't want to do it a few days ago but it sounds like you've been keeping on it every day for a little while now. Keep it up and don't get too down about your 10 hour days. You'll have a whole day off on friday to be productive before you drive out. Make sure you take advantage of it!