Thursday, November 10, 2005

Work Crush-Where Does She Go?

It is just after lunch. I take my lunch early so I can be the first at the microwaves and enjoy the peace of the quiet empty room. I come back to work when everyone comes back to lunch. This also means that I get to work for a half an hour in quiet, since everyone is gone.

I have a little crush on the girl who sits in the far corner of our work area. She's five rows away but we face each other. I never catch her looking at me. As I watch her empty seat, I wonder where she goes during our breaks. She's not in the lunch room. I've seen her go out to the parking lot, like all the smokers do, but she doesn't stop in the smoking area or carry cigarettes. Does she sit in her car? Go for a walk? The coworker next to me knows of my crush and is encouraging me to find out on our next break where she goes. I'm afraid I'll seem like I'm stalking her. But I am really curious about where she goes.

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