Monday, May 08, 2006

At Least I Won't Have to be a "Telephone Actress"...

I've been unemployed for about three months now. While my parents would have been very happy if I had gotten a job as soon as I lost the one before, I have only thought I might be able to do a job for a month and only hardcore looking for about three weeks. (Or as hardcore as I do anything these days.) Besides an e-mail exchange about a questionable domestic/personal assistant position from the local independent weekly paper, I have not heard back from a single job I applied to. Every few days, I go to yahoo's job listings and the large local paper's online job listings and apply to every job that I think I could do moderately well and that works with my therapy schedule. While that isn't a great number of jobs, it's quite a few. Friday night, I did this same thing. While I was applying to several jobs from the large local paper's online classifieds, I saw an ad that I had also seen in the local weekly independent paper for "Telephone Actresses." Ok, so it is pretty clear that means phone sex operator. On the plus side, it can be part-time or full-time, you get to work from home and set your own hours, and you get to be very creative during your work. Plus, the ad said that you can make up to $15/hr. So I went to bed Friday night thinking that if I didn't hear back from someone soon, I might have to apply to be a telephone actress. It can't hurt to apply, right?

But today must have been Job Day. My step-dad got offered a new job which he took and will start in a few weeks. And I heard back from two of the places that I applied to. I have an interview with one other them tomorrow!!!! The other place was just calling to pre-screen the candidates, but I had applied for this position three weeks ago, so I had pretty much given up on hearing back from them at all. So, while I'm trying not to get to excited about this job in particular, I am just excited that I'm getting some feedback at all, which makes me more hopeful that I'll find a job soon. Wish me luck.

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