Monday, May 08, 2006

LOST is the best show ever!!!!

Ok, ok, so it might not be the best show EVER but it is pretty damn good. It is suspenseful, with interesting and conflicted characters who get fleshed out weekly with their flashbacks and all seem to be inter-connected before their crash-landing on Mystery Island. Now, there is another layer to the entertainment. ABC and the Lost creators have started an Alternate Reality Game. When I first saw the word GAME on the Lost Web forum that I visit after watching each new episode, I thought there would be prizes. It seems that knowledge is the only prize here though. It is intended to flesh out more of the mythology of the show and the backstory of the characters, especially the characters mentioned but never really seen. I guess JJ Abrams, the creator of Lost, is no stranger to this idea, since they did it for Alias a while back also. I think that it is a great way to give more background to rabid fans and to keep viewers interested/obsessed over the summer haitus. I'll definately still be watching and keeping up with all the action. At least from the sidelines as I read what others do at . Goodhunting, fellow Losters.

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