Thursday, May 11, 2006

Very Interesting....

These are two very interesting posts from one of my favorite liberal blogsites, one that doesn't report all that is going on so much as takes a deeper look at issues that are being brought up more superficially on other liberal blogs.

This is the first post, which talks about the right wing strategy of reframing a once unthinkable idea so that it then seems radical and finally acceptable. This also would put a position that is in reality more centrist in a light where it seems extreme on the other end. Digby points out that Democrats should be examining this policy, either to find ways to counter it or find ways to use it themselves.
Article #1

This is the second, more recent post by another blogger on that same site. He seems to be arguing that while Ghandi may have used this particular political theory called Overton's Window to change the perception of racism and caste systems, he was working to right a wrong, whereas the right-wing is just using this to villify their opponents and that Democrats might be better off using truth instead of imitating the right-wing. There are lots of other very interesting ideas in it also. Just something to think about.
Article #2

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