Thursday, May 04, 2006

I Hate Being a Girl!!!!!!!

Pasted directly from Myspace. I'm very lazy tonight.

Remember that Gap commercial a few years ago in which Sarah Jessica Parker dances around singing that old song about how much she enjoys being a girl??? I hated it then and I really hate it now. There is very little I enjoy about being a girl. Especially menstration. As I've having my second period in three weeks with extremely painful cramps, I'm a little bitchy and getting a little toasted. My downhill slide started when I was 10 or 11 years old and my grandmother made me a "hot tottie" to help with my cramps. I don't have any whiskey, but amaretto, hot water, and cherry juice seems to be working just as well.

On the up side, I have had a good past couple of days. While I had been having alot of anxiety over unreasonable and irrational worries, I talked to Tony and found that the truth is not usually half as bad as what I was thinking, so, contrary to popular advice, I should just ask the hard questions from now on instead of being anxious about it. That was what I did yesterday and I have been productive and fairly calm ever since. Did laundry. Painted my nails. Went to my DBT group today, which went very well, and we are starting the Distress Tolerance Module, so hopefully I will have better coping mechanisms to deal with stress. Went to my hairdresser/friend Lisa's house to watch movies and just talk. BTW, Junebug and Flightplan are both very good movies, even though I wish the ending to Flightplan was a little more inventive and challenging.

So, besides the physical downsides of being a girl, I'm doing a lot better mentally, emotionally. Shit, no girl is ever going to want to date me after reading my blog. Oh well. If she doesn't run, I guess that shows she's a keeper.

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