Sunday, May 21, 2006

Not So Random Thoughts

First day of vacation. My parents' vacation from their jobs and home- to live in the RV & fish & sit outside on the lake. My vacation from my parents, their timetables and schedules and expectations. I have lots of plans and goals for this time but I'm trying to balance the rest I still probably need to get over this cold against my manic feelings caused by the prednisone and all my plans. But as my body works to not exert too much, my mind does wonder and hop from topic to topic.
  • Stories of great rises and falls. Thinking specifically of the movie Wallstreet at first, though there are an endless number of these stories. While I understand why these stories appeal to people, they don't seem very realistic to me. It's not the great rises and falls themselves that I don't believe, it is the great and sudden change in people as they rise which causes their fall. Maybe this is because I have never known anyone who made a great rise. I have also never known someone who changed as wholley as these characters do, especially in suck a quick and sudden way. Their personalites will always be greatly influenced by their experiences, especially experiences as they were growing up, both for the good and the bad. Even with all the changes I am hoping to make, I am seriously doubting my personality will change "overnight." My actions may change and gradually those actions will become part and parcel with my personality. But also my experiences in the time in between will become part of my personality. But I don't think I would ever be able to make that kind of change overnight, or suddenly. I don't think anyone can.
  • Story Idea: re-examine the events of my time with Chris both 1)from his perspective and 2) as if he was lying about much of his life, ex. He's really married. (Not that I have any reason to suspect that, nor do I suspect that, but I just think it would be an interesting story.)
  • I watched the movie The Island tonight, last summer's "big" flick about human clones who learn about their situation and try to break free. *Spoiler Alert* At the end of the film, hundreds of clones, called "products," are let out into the world. We are supposed to just be relieved that they weren't killed, which was their maker's plan, but were freed by our heroic couple, who also get to be together in the end. But all I could think was: What are they going to do with these people? Sure, there aren't as many of them as there are say illegal aliens in the US right now, but the movie says that they are all emotionally, mentally, and educationally about 15 years old. How and where are all these people who are outwardly all different ages going to be integrated into society? And won't it be weird to have orphaned and mentally young clones of the rich and famous just walking around? I really wonder if anyone else thinks of these things when they see movies???
  • This morning I watched The Nomi Song, a documentary about a very unique singer/ performance artist who came out of the NY New Wave of the mid/late-1970s. Just as he was becoming a big artist in Europe, which might have allowed him to move into larger mainstream favor in America, he died at 39 from AIDS, which was still being called gay cancer. The movie made me really want to know more about this period of culture and music. Some extra footage of an interview with a former writer for New York Rocker Magazine talked about the New Wave scene, from which came bands like Blondie and the Ramones and the Buzzcocks. From what I could gather from the movie and the extras, all these people who felt like they didn't belong where they were, moved to NY and the Village, which was cheap and where no one lived. I'm interested in how punks came to be in the 70s after the hippies and how punk is placed on the cultural timeline next to disco. ( Where these bands flourishing in the underground scene right at the time of disco? Before? After?) Also, I'm interested in how the varying sounds and looks were developed in the New Wave and then commerciallized? So very interesting!!!!

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