Thursday, July 12, 2007

Important Hair Update!

For well over a year, I had very short hair. I liked it. It was easy to maintain. It was another way to advertise my queer-ness. It was cute.

January 2006 I started growing my hair out again. I felt like the short hair was more butch than I really wanted to present myself as and I missed being able to do stuff with my hair, braids, twists, etc. And I think that I managed to keep my hair under control most of the time as I was growing it out.

So I how have an important announcement about my hair. I can officially put it all up in a ponytail without major stragglers (for a while at least). Also, I can officially put it into one french braid. While it might not seem like it, having to grow my hair for a year and a half just to be able to pull it all back into one simple style, not have to partition it off in strange ways so that it was out of my face and off my neck, is HUGE! And, I can also just put some leave in conditioner and some anti-frizz on it, crunch it up a little, and get it to look pretty decent! How awesome is that!!!!

I'm sure I'll get regular trims and maybe add a little style to it, especially when I get back home to my beloved lesbian hairdresser, but I'm going to keep growing it for awhile. I missed having hair that I could do strange things to. I keep imagining doing those intricate braid things that women in ancient Rome and Greece used to do to their hair. Of course, they had hours and many slaves. But at least I have the hair to do it with now. Yea!!!!

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