Friday, July 06, 2007

Throwing Pennies in a Wishing Well

A spectacularly sad Friday night. No plans. Stuck at my grandmother's house, I've taken the task of organizing and creating a safe open space in my grandfather's room, in the vain hope that he'll need it if he ever gets well enough to come home from the hospital. I've been at it all afternoon. I"m mostly done and taking a break out on the back patio with an ice cold Smirnoff Ice and a smoldering Camel. I contemplate what I'll do after this. It's only five pm and I have the rest of a lonely Friday night to kill. I decide I'd rather not think about the long night ahead of me, instead focusing on the lengthening shadows of my grandmother's myriad plants and bushes across her green lawn.

My reverie is broken by the scraping of the metal fence gate against the paving stones. There you are, still dressed the part of the young Republican, not having changed after work. I'd given up on you after a week without contact, without even responding to my pleas for contact, without even answering my phone calls. I'd given up on you after a week without contact, without even enswering my phone calls. It seems presumptuous of you to think that I'd be here and be alone on a Friday night. But I am and so I guess it doesn't matter.

I don't speak, at a loss as to whether I want to be upset with you or overjoyed that the prodigal lover has returned. I don't get up either. Your smile seems bittersweet. Your eyes give away the sad, weary, difficult week you've had. I know you want me to return your smile but all I can manage is a weak sigh, the edges of my lips turned up.

You kneel in front of my green plastic lawn chair. I'm reminded of that first night, making out in your car, you kneeling in front of the passenger seat where I was, kissing me, touching me. I can't withhold from you any longer. I put my arms around you and you rest your weary head against my chest, your strong arms pulling me closer. You pull your head back slightly to kiss me, tender and probing. We kiss for a long time.

Silently, you stand up, taking me by the hand. I can tell by the look in your eyes that you have plans for us. It might just be a movie or it might be an extravagent night on the town. I don't know and I don't care. Right now, I'd follow you anywhere. Anywhere that will get you away from your heavy burden and me away from mine. My only hope is that it ends with us falling into a deep fulfilling sleep in each other's arms.

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