Friday, June 15, 2007

Damn, It's Been a Good Day

My uncle is out of surgery with the best possible outcome. They got all the tumor, didn't have to cut any of his muscle tissue, and he won't have to do chemo or radiation.

My grandfather, who was very weak and dehydrated and probably fighting an infection two days ago, is very lucid and active, overall much better. We will still have some hard months with the rehab, trying to reconnect all the things in his brain that were discombobulated by the bleed, but he's doing much better now than two days ago.

In the course of fieling calls at my grandmother's house today, I talked to my other uncle, who I don't think I've talked to in years. It was good hearing his voice and good to hear that he is proud of me.

I GOT THE JOB!!!! I had applied and interviewed for a job at school and I got the phone call today telling me that I got it.

I got to hang out with my new friend and had a WONDERFUL AMAZING time.

It's been a good day. Thank the goddess for small favors.

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