Wednesday, June 13, 2007


I have a new "friend" and I want to buy a special ringtone for this person. But this got me to thinking about how many people actually know what ringtone their friend/relative/significant other has assigned to them. It's not like they are around to hear the phone ringing their ringtone, or why would they be calling in the first place? I had a co-worker who assigned Coheed and Cambria's "The Suffering" to her girlfriend. (The title alone should tell you it isn't the song to assign to your SO.) And, to those who don't know, the lyrics on the ringtone are, "(Boy) Listen well, will you marry me?/ (Girl) Not now boy/ (Boy) And are you well in your suffering?/ (Girl) You've been/ (Boy) The most gracious of hosts/ You may be invited girl but you're not coming in." The girl later told me that her girlfriend really like Coheed and Cambria and that song and that, also, the girl had never really paid that much attention to the lyrics. In fact, she always focused more on the music of a song than the lyrics.

So, to you, my intrepid readers, what would you want your ringtone to be on the phones of your friends and on your lover's phone?

I will answer as soon as I figure it out myself and I'll, of course, share what I pick for my new "friend".

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