Thursday, June 21, 2007

Quick Note on "Waitress"

In the movie Waitress, the main character Jenna's abusive controlling husband Earl drives a dark blue Dodge Dynasty. As soon as I saw that car in the movie, I realized why he was probably a jerk. Because there are only FIVE presets on the stereo and no SEEK buttons. That's right. You can only preset it for FIVE stations and then you have to turn the dial each individual .2 spaces to go up or down to any other stations. This is especially annoying when you are not in your home listening area and you don't know where any of the stations are. So I can almost understand why he was in such a bad mood all the time in that car.

*While I'm here, I'm driving my grandmother's burgandy Dodge Dynasty, while she gets to drive the leather interiored brand new Kia, which did smell like new car, until she started smoking a pack of cigarettes each way up and back from the hospital. But that car will get up and go! Oh well.*

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