Saturday, June 23, 2007

Mon Parrain

I try to blog semi-pseudonymously, so I prefer to give those close to me pseudonyms so that it is easier to write about them without having to use their names. Sir already had his pseudonym, a nickname stemming from the fact that flirty waitresses always call his friends "honey" and "suger", but they call him "Sir." Most exes get ex-[first letter of first name], but that will eventually get confusing to myself and my readers as I rack up exes.

I currently have a...person in my life, who's exact relationship to me is rather vague at this point, though our interactions are far from vague. I was going to let him chose his own psuedonym, but, as he is a busy man with a great deal on his plate right now, I used his initials to chose for him a nickname that is French. The first part was easy. First letter, first name=M. Just use the French word MON, meaning "my" for a masculine subject. Then I went through French words that start with P and found PARRAIN=godfather or sponsor. I thought that fitting for our current relationship, no matter what direction it turns in the near future. I hope he appreciates it.

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