Thursday, April 20, 2006


I started DBT today!!!!!!!!! Yeah. It is pretty good. The acronym stands for Dialectical Behavioral Therapy Training Skills. Guess it should be DBTTS. The dialectical part means that you work on being ok with having feeling that seem to oppose each other at the same time. The behavioral part means that, unlike Freudian psychoanalysis where you talk for years to get to the root of a problem, you focus on changing your behavior, especially your coping mechanisms, to make your life and your mental problems better. All the people there were women and they seem to have varying degrees of "messed-up-ness". Only one person there is kinda weird and off-putting. But I think that I will learn alot and have a great deal of reinforcement in what I am trying to do.

As she was prepping dinner, I told Mom about the DBT and about how I thought it was going to help me. I also told her about the similarities that I saw between my depression and drug/alcohol addiction, especially when I was reading the blog posts by Kevin Smith about Jason Mewes. And she agreed. She went on to say that the behavior that I'm exhibitting (or not, when I'm not doing anything) is very similar to what my black sheep uncle did (maybe still does for all we know), even though his behaviors were rooted in drug and alcohol addiction. She said that he had the best of intentions to follow through on plans but it just never worked out that way. While it kinda made me sad, it also made me realize that I REALLY don't want to be like that.

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