Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Life Map

General and Ongoing Work
Therapy/DBT/becoming non-suicidal & non-depressed
Meditation & Spirituality
Developing and keeping friendships/relationships

Next Month
Start DBT therapy
Get low-pay low-stress job
File taxes
License car
Start exercising, even just walking outside
Start meditating regularly

Next Six Months
Save enough money for emergency cushion
Start paying my own cell bill
Buy my own computer
Go to Planned Parenthood, get checkup & STD tests, birth control pills
Go out once a week to LGBT place/event & talk to at least two people (book group, bar, event, etc)

Next Six Months- One Year
Finish DBT
Start to get healthy physically/emotionally/spirituality
Keep job & Keep up with bills, general life-stuff
Get off the acid reflux meds
Have casual dates with girls I'd like to get to know better
Start school again OR Get better paying job

Next Five Years
Get a Bachelor's Degree-including journalism courses, tough grammar courses, editing courses
Move out of basement & into my own place
Work full-time job, be self-supporting
Pay back parents
Start paying down loans

Life-Long Goals, starting after 5 years
Job A: self-supporting writer
Job B: editor & keep writing
Move to new city (not because I'm running away)
Take care of children
A-My own children, after 30, with life partner, financially able, one parent stays with child
B-Foster children, after 30, financially able, time to devote to helping them
C-Volunteer efforts involving disadvantaged children
Do volunteer work/activism work-women's rights, LGBT rights, stray puppies & kitties
Live comfortably, with-in my own means
Own my own house/apt/condo
Own my own piano and play it frequently

Before I Die
Be published
Travel, see another coast/country/continent
Live comfortably, have money saved for retirement/late life
Feel like I've made a difference in the world
Feel like I've taught something valuable to others
Take care of my family, parents & children
Buy a NEW car


Maria said...

solid concrete ideas here broken down into manageable bits, are you making progress?

Ava said...

Wow. You must have been really bored at work today. Lol. Well, I'm not currently making progress because so much has changed in my life. At the time, I did start on all that but things kinda fell apart after my uncle got sick and my grandfather had his stroke. I guess right now a big portion of what I'm dealing with is that I feel like I can't make another list like this, since I don't know when my life will be my own again and because, between meds and the bipolar, I'm just not confident that I can perform at that same level. But, fuck, I'm really glad you brought this back into my attention because it gives me alot more to think about going ahead.