Monday, April 24, 2006

This Week

So now I've felt consistently good for about five days. I'm really happy about this and I want to be productive this week. Here are the things I want to achieve this week.
  • Go to DBT group Thursday
  • Get bills paid, all money stuff settled before I leave town for the weekend
  • Exercise at least twice. Start to do yoga every once in a while now that I have my basement floor area back. Do arm exercises and stretches and sit-ups while watching TV/movies
  • Apply for jobs
  • Close old bank accounts
  • Get haircut
  • Get oil change before trip
  • Try to lessen the number of hours I sleep a night. (I have realized that I really REALLY need more hours in my day to get things done that I want done.)

Thankfully, my step-dad put the carpet back down tonight after the flooding stuff and I put back all the stuff that had been moved. Tonight I'm going to vacuum and dust everything and I'm also planning on rearranging my books so that my inspirational and Buddhist books on the top shelf of the bookcase right by my bed so they are all there, especially the Lama Surya Das books. Wish me luck.

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